In my work i’ll take you to a special world. A world, under water. It’s a world you don’t know perhaps, but’s it’s here. And if you know this world, You will see, notice, that is a world from incredible beauty and serenity.There is a part you don’t know, you can be scared about it. But if you surrender to it, to its unknown, it’s a wonderfoll serenity, what gives you relaxation.Beneath the water mirror, it’s only possible to communicate with your hands and body, your expression on your face. It does not matter if you have an opinion, make a discussion about whatever matters. Under water you need to do it together or not. You have to accept what is up. There you are delivered to stream and movement of the water. If you don’t resist it gives you a great calmth. All the tension of the days are washing away, so that you can be yourself. You don’t need anything to do no more.In my pantings, I’ll show you a world of pleasure and beauty, of making contact and caring for each other. Being prudent. So you can just be yourself with another. Enjoying from what is on your way. Where in you can be gentile, where we are accepted just the way we are. Where touching each other is not dirty, but respectfull,tender and warmth. Where nude is no longer vulgair sex or porno, but just stands for vulnarable, nature like and beauty. There is no space for rudeness.That’s way my work is a contrast and also a mirror for society. A society where the interest of an individual person has no importance any more. Where being a human being stands for someone with money and status. Where it’s much more important to “BE” someone, instead off being yourself. Where rules are much more becoming important than common human values as dignity, innocence,originality and being vulnarable. Where there is no empathy left.