Welcome at Pako-Art, website of Paul Kok

Welcome in a  world under water. It's a world with very little impressions and it's a world of calmth.

If you have questions about visiting his atelier, buying his work. Or make a commission about making portraits in oil or bronze. Make contact by phone or email.

It is possible to give classes and workshops for people who come from abroad. The language we speak is English. You can read more about it on the pages class and workshop.

If you are interested in buying my work, It's possible to send them by post to your place allmost anywhere in world. For more information, fill in the form by "contact"

You can make an offer on the artworks. Press on artworks, than press the groupe, the page and the pictures.

Transport costs Europe extra € 50,00. For Canvas with a maximal size off 80 x 100 cm and till 10 kg.


Enjoy and thank you for your visit.

Kind regards,

Paul Kok

Prices are from 150 euro to 1000 euro.

Member of the international group artists"Atelier El KORDY" in Vienna, Austria.

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